Dev Project Anti-Gravity

A new project is always exciting, which is why we at arvsoftware are happy to announce a new game entering the development stage. A 3D, first person puzzle-platformer with the working title “Anti-Gravity” is now on the agenda for developers, artists, designers, and producers at arvsoftware.

A science fiction metallic circular space station

Taking place long after our time in a world littered with capitalism, the game is all about manipulating gravity to advance further on the long abandoned “Omega 5 research station”. Once built by the “Function Group” but now fully abandoned, you can look forward to all kinds of fun messing with scientific experiments left abandoned in the void of space.

“For what we have achieved”

– CEO of the Function Group

In the world of the Function Group, capitalism has long overthrown any sane human thoughts. Expect to uncover truths untold while manipulating gravity in all different kinds of ways in the new and upcoming “Anti-Gravity”.

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